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I wish
that you
would let go
of me
my crystal lover
so obsessed
with these
and veins
in the trees
I wrote your name
to ancient
the sights
the sounds
blew my eyes
we all come down
yes we all
are coming down
with stolen fires
in our hearts

Title: Fire Escape Artist: Foster the People 84 plays

And now you are and I am and we’re a mystery which will never happen again.

e.e. cummings (via paradoxpopcorn)

(via besottedwanderlust)

for what else
is there
at the precipice
of love
and fate
does delusion
stand firm
holding buckets
of jars
glass and shard
pieces of my own
foolish heart


Because it’s wine night.

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What a shame,
what a shame
the boy who fell
with the broken wings
he had all these
that his pages
would have no end,
that the well
he carried
would never run dry,
and every gift
he made
would brush the lashes
on her scarlet cheeks

What a shame,
what a shame
so much potential
so much
or so they
say —
this boy
who couldn’t stand
to wait
this boy
who only wanted to hear
the golden trumpets play




[noun & adjective] 

1. a term used in reference to a person who has failed to live up to a specific expectation or ambition; one who has failed to become what one might have been.

2. short of or frustrated in the fulfillment of one’s aspirations or talents.

3. a discontent person. 

Alternative Definition.

Etymology: French, from past participle of manquerto lack, fail”, from Italian mancare, from manco, “lacking, left-handed”, from Latin, having a crippled hand, probably from manus, “hand”.

[Yuri Leonov - Icarus]

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Seeing as I am a rather scattered minded individual, I decided to take my fortune today using Turkish Coffee. I got a seven, a squirrel, and a dragon. I am uncertain as to what the seven might mean but the squirrel supposedly suggests prosperity after a hard time. Comforting. I should do more of these.

Anonymous asked: I'm really curious to know what you're writing about sometimes.


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