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A collection of nonsense, thoughts, and ramblings that keep me up all night.

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Been away for awhile, to those that went astray I hope you have the safest of travels. To those that stayed, you have my eternal gratitude, I am deeply humbled. I hope you all have been well.

Title: Alone Artist: The Upbeats ft. Tasha Baxter 173 plays
Title: It's Hard to Say Goodbye Artist: Michael Ortega 101 plays

Tonight I scraped myself
off the bottom
of the devil’s shoe,
offered myself up
for you,
darken eyes,
they comfort me
they offer bliss
and quiet company
now I’m a makeshift man
from a boneyard
of twigs
a plague of blackened metal
filling my veins
until they start to sing


We were too young when we first met. We didn’t quite understand the way lips properly meshed and came together. We were too young. We couldn’t hear the peaceful rhetoric that escaped our tongues in times where we fumbled over blissful words embedded in quiet conversation. We were too young. We couldn’t comprehend the way knots tightened and coiled. How they spilled out from the inside of our stomach’s caverns, or the way they opened up and revealed caves that we could have explored…were we still together. We didn’t understand this, not back then, but these were the little notions that somehow got us so tongue-tied and twisted. They were the little things that brought us together.

We were just too young. I see that now.

Title: Empty Artist: Metric 363 plays

won’t wake up today,
she’s gone
and lost her mind,
the days are now
wasted away,
still she sits
on an island
her dreams a boat
and she buzzes
to the sounds —
the restless chills
in her bones
all the while
her angel
keeps her safe
and whispers
to rest now child,
the ocean
is finally awake

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