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"He thinks I’m pretty," she says, and the words crinkle and cut like the reminisce of shattered glass. Bitter blood. These heavy shards are clenched between my tensing teeth, cracking tooth and crown. Fire and hate. I’m razor bitten with a heist in these angry claws, thundered under the drums of a burdened chest. These are the sounds of war, raged every single time eyes touch and breath meets the edge. Hell, I’m just a little too close. I’m obsessed and I never intended to be. I’m sorry for this. It’s just that love is such a sharp thing, I keep forgetting that. It will inevitably make us break no matter where it is we decide to take the fall.

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It’s the first time in ten years that I’ve truly been mad at you. I’m filled with relentless rage and ache. All the clocks are ticking backwards. Time won’t leave me be and through it I’ve found I possess this burning hate for the world, and all the useless little trinkets it’s filled with. God you were such a selfish lover. You left me behind, watching me linger at the docks while you sailed your last voyage to paradise. I’m so lost without a map these days, and you knew that too, trying to replace you. I can’t. How do I navigate this place without you now? Ten years since you turned to look at me, hair blowing in the wind as your ship slipped over the edge. The tides are turning now. I am fumbling over the edges of empty pages, tracing your thoughts as though your mind still lingers here. Illegibly marked imitations couldn’t compare to the words you once curled against my ear. I know everyone tells me it’s mental to still turn over and clutch the sheets wishing it was your name that spilled against them. I’m loving you forever and this is not a choice, it’s an anthem drumming canyons deep. I’m falling in it, unchained. Clouds fill and I feel you when the rain pours in, floods my floor, and baptizes me in rhymes of lialic perfumes. You were the perfect pieces fitting against all the broken parts inside of me. Are you on the other side waiting too? These rambles run dry, but darling you’re the night. Don’t you know it makes me angry so. You left without a trace and yet I find you in everything I see. How is it that they are telling me you’re gone and yet here you are, everywhere, relentlessly living and carrying, just lingering on.

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The earth is spinning
and I’m lost in you
so afraid
yet excited
all these fountains
are pouring out
they are made
in you
and I’m finding now
why my world
was pulled apart
I was a desert
in search of water
a sinner
waiting to be baptized
in the cavities
of your heart

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Been away for awhile, to those that went astray I hope you have the safest of travels. To those that stayed, you have my eternal gratitude, I am deeply humbled. I hope you all have been well.

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